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Our school is the only CCMA accredited school in Guelph.  Here are a couple of reasons why you might want a Montessori education for your child. The first thing you should know is that any school can use the name “Montessori” regardless of its curriculum, teacher training or certification. “Montessori” was never trademarked, patented or copyrighted, which means anyone can use the name to describe their school. Fortunately, finding an authentic Montessori education in Canada for your child is as simple as looking for a school that has CCMA accreditation.




The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes standards of excellence for Montessori education providers. Montessori schools with CCMA accreditation successfully and, more importantly, consistently meet a specific set of standards and criteria that adhere to the philosophy of education founded by Maria Montessori. This means you can be sure that, as a CCMA accredited school, we will be held accountable to you and your child for providing the highest standard of Montessori education.


(From the official CCMA website) A CCMA School offers your child:

  • A carefully prepared child-centred environment
  • Mixed age (family groupings) per classroom
  • An opportunity for the child to progress at his/her own pace
  • Activity-based learning
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Co-operation, collaboration, not competition


A CCMA School offers you as a parent:

  • Ongoing feedback on your child’s progress
  • An invitation to participate in many aspects of school life
  • An environment where parents and teachers support each other with the desire to help your child be successful


An Accredited School meets the following criteria:

  • is licensed by the appropriate Provincial Licensing Authority.
  • is guided by the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • Each classroom has one teacher who holds an age-appropriate diploma from an AMI or MACTE accredited teacher training institute or any other teacher training program that is recognized by the CCMA.
  • Each classroom has a full range of Montessori materials as recommended by the CCMA, which offers the broad curriculum to allow for sequential learning.
  • Has multi-age groupings in each classroom (3–6, 6–9, 9–12 etc.) which supports the concept that learning is a social process.
  • Has a minimum 2.5 hour uninterrupted work cycle which allows for the development of focus, concentration and engagement.
  • Has a policy of admitting children to the program at the appropriate age level consistent with Montessori principles guiding the developmental stages for learning.
  • Programs for children 3–6 years of age require attendance five days per week for consistency in learning.
  • Agrees to abide by the CCMA Code of Ethics.
  • Has successfully completed the Accreditation process which includes a comprehensive review of policies, standards and practices of the school by a CCMA Accreditation team.

Only CCMA accreditation can provide assurance that your child is always receiving the highest standard of education according to Maria Montessori’s philosophy. CCMA accreditation is not only a sign of the school’s commitment to the Montessori Method, it is a promise to you, your child and the community of educators that the school will provide a consistent first-rate Montessori education.


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