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“We couldn’t have asked for a better, more nurturing environment for our daughter. She attended the MSW from age 2.5 to age 4. The staff were gentle, consistent, and worked hard to support the curiosity and learning unique to each student. Our daughter was spectacularly prepared for the structured Senior Kindergarten environment in the public school system after her time at Montessori. Could not recommend more highly.”

– Jessie Baynham


“The school term is coming to an end and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful and responsive team at Montessori. My boys love going there as part of the before and after school program. I have seen such progress in terms of their social interaction. I would highly recommend Montessori to families in the area looking for a safe, caring and progressive learning environment where you feel good knowing they have things covered when you are at work. Thanks Montessori!”

– Kem-Laurin Lubin


“The school is very well run. My daughter has been attending the after-school program for two years. The environment is friendly, the management is efficient and professional. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs after-school care.”

– Sandra Parmegiani


“The Montessori School of Wellington is quite simply the most amazing school I’ve had the pleasure of working with. From the very start it was clear to me how committed the other teachers were to helping the children grow and thrive. It really has been an eye-opening and I certainly recommend this program to everyone.”

– Henry Webb


“My daughter has grown up with the MSW. It has been a second home, a place of wonderful development and great friendships. I highly recommend this school for anyone who truly believes in Montessori and is looking for an authentic, respectful environment for their child to thrive in. Thank you so much for all the years of delightful work!”

– Krista H


Both our children have attended MSW and we have been delighted with the quality of care and education our girls have received over 4+ years at the school.”

– Nick & Mair Da Maren


“My daughter and son both attended Montessori School of Wellington, and it has been an enormously positive experience for both of them. I have been struck by how the school has been able to take these two distinctly different children of mine and nurture in both of them a sense of independence, a joy of learning for learning’s sake, a wonder about the wonder around them and a freedom to be exactly who they are. I have been touched by the school’s devotion to teaching my kids about peace, social justice and conflict resolution in an inclusive and respectful manner.

I would recommend the Montessori School of Wellington very highly.”

– Julie P.


“In the time that I have been working for the Montessori School of Wellington, I have experienced continuous growth as an Early Childhood Educator by being able to work in a positive environment, by being given professional opportunities to expand my knowledge of the field and by being able to apply my skills in a setting that truly values the meaning of high quality child care. With the support of the Montessori School of Wellington, I go into program every day equipped with the tools to foster children’s learning cognitively and emotionally and help them develop their own creativity, independence, problem-solving and self-esteem. In a field where it is common to have high numbers of staff turnover, it really begins to mean something when I have finally found a place where I look around at my fellow co-workers and see staff who have been working for the Montessori School of Wellington for many years. As an Early Childhood Educator, I feel like I am part of a school that reflects my own philosophy in working with children, values my skills as an educator and appreciates my hard work. It is truly a wonderful feeling when you can find a workplace that you feel positive about going into every day and when you know that that is where you want to stay and build your professional career.”

– Mary N. – Montessori Employee


“I have been employed by the Montessori School of Wellington for just over a year now and I can truly say that I have finally found a place where I feel my education and experience in the early childhood field is being used to its fullest potential. The professionalism that I encounter on a daily basis with my fellow colleagues reassures me that the Montessori School of Wellington is where I belong. On a daily basis, I feel challenged and motivated, and this makes me determined to do my very best as an early childhood educator.”

– Katrina P. – Montessori Employee


“Our son has just started his third year at the Montessori School of Wellington and he loves going to School! In his first year he attended the morning program and slowly progressed to staying later – at his own request. The school was not only accommodating with his moving to a longer stay but welcomed it as his comfort level and curiosity in the classroom grew. The benefits of the program and the exceptional staff are truly self-evident.

Our son has grown into a very respectful and empathetic individual with an exceptional attention span and a love of learning. Although we as parents would like to take credit for this, we understand that much of this has come from the caring and dedicated staff that he is exposed to every day at the Montessori School of Wellington.

We are sad that this is his last year. However, we are looking forward to our younger son starting at the Montessori School of Wellington soon.”

– Frances Snider


“As an employee of the Montessori School of Wellington for the past 7 years, my involvement here has been truly rewarding. I have achieved personal satisfaction from working in a quality early learning environment that allows children to discover their own strengths and abilities. It also improves children’s overall development and well-being by providing a solid foundation for life-long learning.

I have always felt that the Montessori educational philosophy has helped me to develop my teaching skills and understanding of children and their developmental needs. The administrator of the Montessori School of Wellington has been very supportive of my professional and personal needs. I have always believed that if you enjoy what you are doing, children will be more likely to enjoy what they are doing. The Montessori School of Wellington has offered me, as a teacher, a wide range of opportunities to help children to succeed.

Each and every year I am thrilled to see cheerful, lively, enthusiastic and energetic little individuals who are so curious about everything around them, pass through the Montessori School of Wellington.”

– Sutha Y. -Montessori Employee


“It is hard to imagine a better place than the Montessori School of Wellington for the academic and social development of our four year old son, Leo.

It’s been a year since we arrived in Guelph from Mexico City. Although moving countries and facing all the challenges this entails is not an easy task for adults let alone a child, it is worth mentioning that from the very first day Leo attended school he felt right at home there. The teachers and staff have been very supportive and encouraging with him; we particularly appreciate their comprehension and patience working with Leo, who for many months spoke no English, respecting and letting him integrate at his own pace and manner.

Most days he comes back from school saying he had “a great, great day” and although he doesn’t go into too much detail about the kind of things he does, it is pretty obvious to us he has been learning lots of things there. One big change since he started going to the Montessori School of Wellington is that now he is more independent and confident trying new things and critically thinking and questioning what is around him.

We would highly recommend any parent wanting to provide their little ones with a safe but at the same time challenging learning environment to pay a visit to the school and find out more about what makes Montessori kids so special.”

– Tim & Diana


“I have just begun my third year of employment at the Montessori School of Wellington in downtown Guelph, Ontario. My position at MSW as an Early Childhood Educator has thus far been the most rewarding to date of my 10 years in the field.

MSW has provided me with the means to broaden my experience in ECE by working in a combination of Early Learning and Montessori classrooms. This diversity of environments in my day to day workflow has challenged me in ways I did not expect and has encouraged me to hone my teaching skills.

MSW not only focuses on encouraging the learning of its students, but of its teachers as well. Just this past summer the principal and owner/operator of MSW offered to cover the costs for me to become certified as a Montessori Assistant with the Montessori Teachers College of Toronto. This training has enhanced my ECE certification making me a much more well-rounded resource for MSW.

Last year, after I independently earned my Kindermusik International certification, I was offered an opportunity to redesign the music program at MSW and implemented a full Kindermusik curriculum. I am proud to state it was received very successfully by the students and parents and is now in its second year.

Working at the Montessori School of Wellington has allowed me to grow and become the teacher I am today. I love hearing from parents when they tell me that their child gets excited to come to school and is thoroughly engaged in what they are learning. Having this positive work environment reflects well on both the teachers and the students. Collectively the staff truly feels that they are part of growing community and learning environment.”

– Natasha Galpin – Montessori Employee


“When I first went back to work after my maternity leave I was relieved that my retired father volunteered to provide child care for my son. I felt much better knowing that he was with someone who truly loved him and cared for him much the same way I would if I were able to stay at home.

However, when my son turned two it soon became apparent that my father was no longer enough to stimulate his young mind. Immediately I thought of enrolling my son in the Montessori School of Wellington because my god daughter attended that school when she was young and seemed to have had a very positive experience.

Admittedly, I knew little about the theories behind Montessori education. What I have learned through speaking with my child’s teachers, researching on my own and seeing my son ‘in action’ at the school has impressed me to no end. In fact, as an educator in the public system, the Montessori philosophy is how I wish I could run my classroom – every child working at his or her own pace and teachers capitalizing on a child’s natural curiosity.

Since my child has been enrolled at the Montessori School of Wellington he has become more independent, confident and knowledgeable about the world around him. He is also able to communicate his thoughts and feelings in an effective and respectful manner, thus eliminating a lot of frustration from our household.

The best part is, I am confident that the teachers and staff at the Montessori School of Wellington truly know, respect and love my child. Knowing that my son is being cared for makes being a working mother guilt-free and more fulfilling. I would not hesitate to recommend the Montessori School of Wellington to anyone who is looking to challenge their child to think outside of the box and become an independent and motivated learner.”

– Carolina P.


“Our daughter has attended the Montessori School of Wellington since January of 2011. During all of this time, she has really enjoyed the environment and we have noticed a definite advancement in her social skills. We have also been very happy with the attention and responsiveness of the staff whenever any concerns have arisen. Glynis, the teachers, and the assistants genuinely enjoy working with children and helping them. Thank you everyone.”

– Cheers, Brad


“My daughter just started her second year at the Montessori School of Wellington and she loves it there! The school embodies a nurturing environment. The staff and teachers are extremely attentive to the children’s needs and truly enjoy watching each child grow. My daughter was very shy when she first started and now has blossomed over the course of her time there. The Montessori curriculum is a great way for children to start off their school aged years by allowing them to excel at their own rate.”

– Bernice L.


“My daughter has been in the Casa program for close to 2 years and it has been the best choice we could have made for her early childhood development. She has not only learned a lot of practical skills, which she thoroughly enjoys, but she has also developed a keen curiosity about a variety of things. She has gained a sense of responsibility and respect for those around her as well as for her environment. My daughter can be pleasantly social and, at times, very independent and I find the Montessori program allows for a balance of both. She seems to enjoy the variety of activities like yoga, storytelling, outside play, Musikgarten and occasional field trips – pizza making at a local restaurant sticks out in her memory – while being comforted by the routine of the program. She absolutely adores her teachers and her fellow students and regularly likes to make crafts or bring treats to share with them. I feel she has become a very balanced little individual who, on a daily basis, draws from her experiences at school to positively influence her life at home, as well as her relationships with siblings and other friends.”

– Barbara Maknoni


“The Montessori School of Wellington has been our eldest daughter’s second home for 3 years. From the first time that she saw the place, and disappeared into the materials immediately engaged, she has developed a deep sense of ownership and attachment to the school and the people running it. Going to school has never been a chore, rather it’s been something she looks forward to everyday and misses during holidays. She takes great pride in the work she does there and alwasy comes home with interesting stories to tell. We feel the the Montessori School of Wellington is an exceptional school for young children, not just because it faithfully honours the principles and practices of the Montessori methodology, but because the people running it are passionate and inspired about their work and truly love the children. We have felt that our daughter has been in wonderful hands these past years. We are said to be leaving, but look forward to our next daughter entering in the future.”

– Laura McNeilly


“I wanted to write a note commenting on the Montessori School of Wellington which our daughter attended for 3 years. Our daughter started at MSW in September of 2006 when she was just shy of her 3rd birthday. She went for half days the first year and full days for the next 2 years. Over that time she absolutely loved her experience at MSW. She developed some great social skills and learned to be a peaceful, well mannered child who was eager to learn and enjoyed the school environment. We were always happy to see her progress at school, she came out of MSW having learned to read, and with a wonderful thirst for knowledge.

We feel that MSW prepared our child very well for her academic career. Now that she has started grade 1 in the public stream, she is doing well at school and her teacher says she is a very well behaved and bright student.”

– Mark and Beeneta Stables


“The Montessori School of Wellington has been a significant part of our children’s lives and our family over the past ten years. All three of our children have attended the Montessori School of Wellington and the school has had a significant influence on our children’s early years. We have espoused the Montessori philosophy and learning skills not only in their education but also at home and have no doubt that the skills they have developed at the Montessori School of Wellington have not only helped them in their academic achievement, but also in their social and organizational skills at home.

The classrooms are clean, organized and a welcoming environment for the children. The teachers are wonderful people who demonstrate professionalism and uphold Montessori principles in everything they do. We have complete faith and trust in the Montessori School of Wellington and in Glynis Hamilton, the administrator.

We truly believe Montessori has been instrumental in our children’s development during their formative years and we are grateful to have the Montessori School of Wellington in our community. With the graduation of our third son this spring we thank Glynis and all the staff at Montessori School of Wellington for being such an important and integral part of our children’s lives over the past decade. We look forward to a continued relationship with MSW through the afterschool program at Maria’s Place.”

– Sara and Richard Kaune


“Our daughter has been attending the Montessori School of Wellington since 2003. What a WONDERFUL way to begin school life. We cannot say enough good things about the management of this school. The children are all embraced with a sense of confidence and pride that comes from consistent, caring attention from very well-trained, professional staff. It’s no wonder the school has won awards for excellence.

For our daughter it has been an enriching experience with lessons of life which will carry through into her older years. A better decision about her early years we could not have made. It has been a perfect complement to her life at home and we are truly thankful to have found such a school.

Why would anyone choose ordinary daycare when they could enrol their children at the Montessori School of Wellington?”

– Andy Hughes & Rebecca Irwin


“I am thrilled with the education and care that my son receives at the Montessori School of Wellington. Not only is he learning new things, he is developing self-confidence, self-discipline and enjoying every moment of it. The school and its teachers offer him the opportunity to learn at his own pace, discovering more about himself and the world around him each day.

Moving him to the Montessori School of Wellington, from a daycare setting, was the best choice we could have made for him.”

– Tova Davidson


“Our daughter has been attending the Montessori School of Wellington for 2-1/2 years now. The development she has experienced through her desire to learn is seen in her ever expanding curiosity in books, spelling, mathematics and language. This desire is brought on and expanded through the Montessori system of childhood development. As much as she has developed to date, we believe that the true benefits of Montessori will be seen throughout her entire life.”

– Bruce and Sue Campbell


“The Montessori School of Wellington has been a great experience for us and our child in the past year and a half. In addition to progress in cognitive and social skills, my daughter has shown growth in responsibility and independence.

The environment is kept clean, well organized and safe. The classrooms are equipped with complete Montessori materials which the children can explore. The staff is always courteous, friendly and respectful with parents and children.

Overall, it’s been a very positive experience for our family and, best of all, our daughter loves going to the Montessori School of Wellington – her home away from home!”

– Beverly


“The teachers at the Montessori School of Wellington have provided our three daughters with a very child-centred and developmentally appropriate preschool program. We have been very pleased with the Montessori method of education and how the teachers work to promote security and independence while at the same time challenging and stimulating each child’s unique course of development.
We would highly recommend the Montessori School of Wellington to all parents looking for the ideal preschool setting for their child.”

– Paula Power and David Lewis


“I have had two children attend the Montessori School of Wellington over the past five years. I believe that both of my children have benefited significantly. My daughter, now almost eight, is thriving in the Grade 2 French Immersion program. The Montessori approach gave her great confidence and independence as a learner. My son, although ‘young’ for his age and a somewhat reluctanct student, is blossoming in the warm, safe environment and gentle approach at the Montessori School of Wellington.

As a teacher myself, I am most pleased with the very low adult/child ratio. I am also thrilled with the social benefits of mixed age groupings and the learning confidence that comes fro the self-correcting, hands-on materials. The teachers’ quiet and consistent approach to discipline demonstrates great respect for and acceptance of each child as an individual.”

– Angela Woods


“The Montessori School of Wellington is an example of the Montessori method of education done right. The dedicated staff consistently apply the Montessori teaching principles with discipline and kindness. Classrooms are well equipped and comfortable – children are treated with respect and learn how to appreciate and respect others.

We are delighted that our young son is starting to grasp the concepts of mathematics and language – beyond the numbers and letters. He also speaks enthusiastically about topics such as people from other countries, the solar system and how the human body works. In addition, the practical skills he learns there are showing him the value of being capable and competent.

The Montessori School of Wellington is an excellent school that gives children a great start in life.”

– Donna and Doug Weaver



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