The Montessori School of Wellington operates three Before & After School Programs in Guelph, Ontario for children from JK to grade 6. These programs are designed to offer a balance of activities that will set your child up for success at school, including physical activity, social education, and more.

Programs Hours & Locations

Arbour Vista
Public School

  • Before School Program — 7:00am to 8:20am
  • After School Program — 2:50pm – 6:00pm

Sir Isaac Brock
Public School

  • Before School Program — 7:00am to 8:40am
  • After School Program — 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Westminster Woods
Public School

  • Before School Program — 7:00am to 8:30am
  • After School Program — 2:50pm – 6:00pm

Program Activities

Our Before & After School programs include a range of activities, designed to provide children with a healthy balance of learning, physical and social activity, and quiet time. Learn more about the different aspects of our program below.

Physical Activity

Our teachers promote a healthy, active lifestyle in our before & after program. We will go outside every day (except in bad weather) for physical activity, games, and exploration. 

Crafts & Activities

After outdoor play, children will come inside for a planned activity. We also offer a variety of crafts, art materials, books, board games, puzzles, music and story time. We sometimes have interactive guest performances, such as drummers or dancers. We try to focus on art and physical activities, which are sometimes cut from regular class time.

Social Education

Throughout their time with us, the children are actively encouraged to be respectful to themselves, to others, and to their environment. Our teachers work hard to enhance the children’s skills in cooperation and conflict resolution with proper social education and behaviour modelling.

Program Snapshots

During the school year, we take photographs of the children that we post on our Shutterfly website. This site gives parents a little snapshot into what their children have been doing in our program. The site is private and password-secured, so it is only accessible to parents and invited family members.

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