Five Ways to Promote Self Growth at Home

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    • Self-growth at home can start at birth. The Montessori recommended sleeping arrangement for a baby is a mattress on the floor of a child-proofed room with a low hung mirror where he can see himself. Mobiles should be installed – one large high contrast ball to begin with and then moving on to Gobbi mobiles. You can make these yourself – there are lots of tutorials online.  Babies are particularly fascinated by the Gobbi mobiles

five ways to encourage growth

    • Make your home user-friendly for your child.  Put step stools in front of sinks, toilets, etc.  Install chain light switches. Put together little baskets of supplies for your child in reachable spots, e.g. a basket of toiletries, a basket of art supplies, a basket of cleaning supplies, a basket of snacks, a basket of construction toys, a basket of plush toys


    • At about 2 years of age you should let your child know that you expect her to pick up after herself and take care of her belongings. Having individual baskets for different activities makes this very easy for her. Don’t let tidying up become a punishment, just state clearly and firmly that things have to be put away to keep spaces livable. The earlier you start this, the better


    • Help your child to interact with and relate to other children as early as possible.  Siblings, if any, are a good starting point. Make it clear that they must treat each respectfully, no matter how they are feeling in the moment.  We should never assume that children know how to behave in company, this is a learned skill and the adults in the child’s life should spend a lot of time working on it. We should remember that children have the same range and depth of emotions as adults but lack the maturity to deal with them.


    • Give your child responsibility at an early age and increase that responsibility as he matures and demonstrates that he wants to make an active contribution to the well-being of the whole family
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