March Break Ideas To Connect With Your Children

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If you are lucky enough to have March Break off with your children and have a limited budget, here are a few suggestions.

Don’t Plan Anything

Making plans and arranging schedules for your days off can create unrealistic expectations and disappointment for you and your children. Be spontaneous — go out without a plan.

Go to the Park

Go to the park with a ball. If no-one wants to play ball then just lie down on the grass/snow and look closely at what’s around you. Don’t ask any questions! Talk to them about the things you enjoyed doing when you were their age.

Have a Fancy Dinner

Set your dining table for a fancy dinner with a tablecloth, your best china, wine glasses, napkins, candles, music, etc.  Demonstrate your best table manners.  Talk to your children as if they are adults and start a conversation about current events or a topic close to your heart. Again, don’t ask questions – just talk to them.

Interview Your Children

Make it as authentic as possible: set up seating, a camera or phone on a tripod, lighting, microphone. Ask and honour their decision to be interviewed alone or with siblings present. You can either prepare a list of questions beforehand or you can wing it.  This is your opportunity to get a real insight into your child’s mind with questions like:

  • Who is the favourite child in this family?
  • Is your opinion important here?
  • What would you like to change in your life?
  • What do you enjoy doing most?

Give Your Undivided Attention

No child needs a fancy vacation in order to be happy.  They need you and your undivided attention.  Turn off your cell phone, put away your laptop, and get up close and personal with your children for a week.  You’ll create memories for them that will last a lifetime. 

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