Why Choose A Montessori Education For Your Child?

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A Montessori education can be beneficial for children of all ages, but many parents don’t know what sets it apart from a typical public school education. If you’re considering Montessori school for your children, here are a couple of reasons to enroll them:

1. Your Child Is The Focus

Public schools often have classrooms of about 30 children with just one teacher. In a Montessori classroom, and at Montessori School of Wellington, classes are small and intimate and your child is the focus. Teachers spend a significant amount of one-on-one time with each student and will tailor the learning program to the needs, progress and interests of the children.

2. The Curriculum Is Wide-Ranging

Few public schools offer as wide-ranging a curriculum as a Montessori education does. In the Montessori classroom, your child isn’t just taught the core subjects like math, language, and the arts. We combine this kind of education with a broader curriculum that includes practical life skills and sensorial development. This will provide a more well-rounded education for your child.

3. Children Learn Social Development

The Montessori classroom is all about collaboration, teamwork, and respect among the children. The small class sizes lead to children forming strong bonds with their classmates. This environment encourages learning to share, how to work as a team and provides the children with a real sense of community. This intimacy often results in stronger relationships between the students and their teachers as well.

4. Children Build Independence & Confidence

Montessori education teaches children how to be independent, self-regulating and confident. Children are given the option to choose their own learning path and are encouraged to make mistakes and learn how to correct them along the way. This learning philosophy results in children having the confidence to make their own decisions.

In a Montessori education, the skills and subjects your children learn will carry with them into adulthood. Learn more about why to choose Montessori education for your child.

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