How to Prepare Children for the Return to School

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As the summer holidays wind down, parents and children are preparing for the return to school. After weeks of free time and more relaxed schedules, returning to school in September can be a bit of a shock for children, but there are many things parents can do to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible.

Create a Schedule

Ease your children back into a schedule so that they’re ready when the school year starts up again. If your children have had a bit more freedom this summer, try to incorporate more rigid structure into their daily lives. Bring bedtime back to a reasonable time and reduce their screen time. You may find it helpful to incorporate some school-related chores for them, such as choosing their clothes for the next day and setting them out before bed.

Reading & Activities

The best thing you can do for your child is read with them. To get them back into the school mindset, read with them as much as you are able in the weeks and days before school starts. It’s also important to cut out distractions during reading times, as well as during play times. Allowing your child to focus without distractions or interruptions will help them to build their confidence and skills in the areas they’re choosing to explore.

Make the Most of the Weather – Get Outside!

Summer just seems to fly by, so it’s important to get the most out of the weather and enjoy the outdoors while we can. Engaging with nature and being outside is essential for your children’s emotional and physical development and it teaches them the importance of nature and the world around them.

Let Children Help Themselves

One of the crucial tenets of Montessori is letting children help themselves and allowing them to make mistakes. Let your child take on an everyday task, like baking or measuring ingredients for supper and be patient while they do it for themselves. This sort of task builds confidence, independence and will help to empower your child.

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