Be The Alpha For Your Children

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We can learn so much about parenting from the animal world.  Animals know instinctively which member of their group will keep them safe and secure and they will never accept an unpredictable, unstable member as their leader.  Unfortunately, humans do.

In order to become the leader of a group, an animal (male or female) has to prove that s/he is the strongest, most reliable and dependable member of the group: the one who will be invested in the welfare of the group, even if it means that individual members of the group may not be happy with the situation.  That unhappiness very soon dissolves with the comfort of safety and security.
Parental retribution in the animal world is swift and unequivocal.  A lioness that wants her cub to stop his annoying behaviour will cuff him on the ear.  Okay, I can hear the gasps – bear with me!  I’m not suggesting corporal punishment but, for a strong, consistent adult, a stern look can be the equivalent of a cuff on the ear.  With just a few, logical, consistent steps, you can help your children to behave in a socially acceptable way, without crushing their will.  We do it every day at the Montessori School of Wellington.  Contact us – we are more than happy to share our experience with you.

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