Montessori School in Guelph

This before/after school program is located in Dublin Street United Church.

We offer a variety of programs for children JK up to Grade 6 who attend Central Public School. We have a wide range of materials that we use to ensure that your child is offered age-appropriate work. Our Montessori and ECE staff members have many years of experience working with children of different ages and work hard to keep the children engaged and stimulated.

The following are a few examples of the many types of work that your children do in our program:

  • art: drawing, painting, tracing
  • crafts: modelling, collage, construction
  • nature: planting, tending, leaf and plant identification
  • science: physics & chemistry experiments, magnets
  • academics: reading, writing, spelling, mathematics
  • phys-ed: indoor play in our gymnasium, outdoor play in our courtyard or Exhibition Park

We also offer a homework program which gives children the opportunity to work in a calm, productive environment where they have teachers on hand to provide assistance. You can let us know if your child needs some extra assistance in a particular area, such as reading, writing, mathematics and our staff will provide some extra support.

A Montessori staff member walks the children from the before school program to Central for their 8:45 am start.  At 3:15 pm our staff members go to Central to pick up the children and walk them back to our school for our after school program.

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